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There’s no secret that the world we know today is vastly different from the world that we knew just 7 or 8 months ago. For that very reason, Crazy Stupid Live is here to help companies, organizations, and institutions navigate this strange new landscape as we usher in a “new normal.”

Full-Service Virtual Support

Just recently, we had the pleasure of working with the International Museum of Arts & Science. As the Museum worked to go virtual for the first time across their 12 years of existence, there were certainly some reservations – but our team stepped in to ensure that their virtual immersion was a complete success.

Funds Raised


Fundraising Made Simple

When the International Museum of Arts & Science first reached out to us, they were apprehensive about exploring the new way of fundraising, but Crazy Stupid Live stepped into help. In just a single live stream, we helped them raise thousands of dollars.

We Tell Stories To Vast Audiences

Here at CSL, we’re proud to consider ourselves storytellers – and in today’s world, telling your story to the masses is critical. Just recently, we helped the International Museum of Arts & Sciences tell their story and raise funds through a virtual live streamed event.

We Celebrate Life’s Moments

When people come together, it’s a beautiful thing. At Crazy Stupid Live, we teamed up with the International Museum of Arts & Science to bring people together. In collaboration, we raised more than $40,000 in a single live stream event.

Virtual Event Profit

The Power of Live Streaming

Virtual is better – virtual is safer – and virtual is more immersive. At Crazy Stupid Live, we believe that virtual live events are the events of the future, but the future is now. In order to assist companies, organizations, and institutions, we make live streaming simple. With a full-scale video production team by your side, we can live stream your event and make things personal, intimate, and special.

A Crazy Stupid Live Success Story

When the International Museum of Arts & Science first approached us about doing a live stream to raise funds, they weren’t quite sure what to expect. With our steadfast dedication and our expert-level service, we launched a successful livestream that garnered thousands of views and helped to raise funds for new initiatives for next year.

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Any Event Brought To Life

At Crazy Stupid Live, we’re proud to bring any event to life utilizing virtual live streaming technology. In a post-COVID world, live streaming will become the new normal, and we’re here to show you just how simple it can be. From virtual learning to telethons and fundraisers, we do it all.

Live Stream With Crazy Stupid Live

It’s time for you to see just how exciting it can be to live stream your next big event. As a full-scale video production team, Crazy Stupid Live is here to take your next event to the masses through a simple, fun, and immersive virtual experience.